Industry and sector practices are governed by various national and international standards such as BS, ISO and DIN to name a few Most of these standards have mandatory requirements for various processes The standards stipulate the mandatory minimums for factors such as life, safety, service, duty, etc and drive the various design parameters such as dimensions, mass, power, speed, load capacity, temperature, pressure and so forth Our broad range of experience across various sectors means that we have the capability to perform assessments in accordance with the mandatory requirements of these standards.

Some of these standards include

  • BS5950 for Structural use of steelwork in building
  • PD5500 ASME V, ASME VIII for pressure vessels
  • ISO 13485,ISO 14971 for medical devices
  • ISO 4210-1 safety requirements for bicycles
  • IEC61400 for wind turbines
  • Eurocode EN 1991-1-4 for wind loading on structures
  • BS EN 13001 for cranes

The above is only a small sample of standards we work to For a full list of standards and capabilities, please get in touch.