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About us

Equitus Engineering Limited is a SME mechanical engineering and innovations company.

Our three areas of service are mechanical engineering solutions, engineering led product development, and engineering driven innovation. A people centric approach is at the core of what we do.

Equitus is a combination of two words; equilibrium, meaning a state of balance  and stability, and impetus, meaning the force that makes things happen. It is also an allusion to the word equity, with the intention of being fair and impartial to everyone we deal with.

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We help individuals, teams and organisations become more productive. Our philosophy being ‘there is no best way to do something, there is always a better way’. We look at how we can apply our expertise to increase the value that individuals and teams add to the company, so that we enable them to focus on what they do best. Get in touch to know more.

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7 September 2020

Equitus Engineering Limited Have Attained JOSCAR Qualification

We are pleased to announce that we have now successfully attained qualification under ...

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22 May 2020

On Completing Five Years

Today we're reflecting on completion of five years of being in business. Tomorrow is our f...

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21 May 2020

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

As you're no doubt aware, this week is our fifth anniversary week, and Saturday is when we...

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21 September 2020
New Website – Innovation Delivery

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we are on the verge of launching our spanking new website very shortly. In the build up to this launch, we want to ...

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