Engineering Led Product Development

Our product development expertise is engineering led, purpose driven and people centric.

By being engineering led, the focus is not just on the aesthetics and ergonomics but also on the technical and functional aspects of products. Some of these include, material selection and suitability, manufacturability, structural integrity, fatigue life, service life and durability, to name a few.

We are purpose driven because our natural approach is to look at the bigger picture, understanding the wider context around the problems we’re trying to solve, which enables us to have a genuine impact where it matters.

We are people centric because we understand that people lie at the heart of everything. Whether it is our team, end users of the products we develop, or our immediate clients and suppliers, it is people who make decisions, and it is people, whose lives get impacted. This approach helps us connect meaningfully with the people and organisations that we work with, and deliver with relevance and context.

We use Siemens Solid Edge, Autodesk and Ansys for most of our Product Development requirements.