is purely market focused. Typical questions we aim to answer here include ‘whom are we selling to?’, ‘what problem are we solving?’, ‘where are we selling?’ Let’s look at the finished product/solution through the eyes of our target audience!


focuses only on the organisation. Typical questions we answer here include ‘is this the right product for us?’, ‘do we have the resources (time, money, skills,) to do this?’, ‘will this have a net positive impact or net negative impact on the company?’ Let’s look at our company through an outsider’s eyes, following product launch!


focuses on the surrounding eco-system, to determine whether or not the right conditions exist for our product/solution to be used effectively. Typical questions we answer here include ‘is this right infrastructure available?’, ‘if not, is our product/solution disruptive enough to push for the infrastructure to be created?’, ‘will the lack of supporting infrastructure put people off using our product/solution?’ Let’s look at the world around us, at the time our product is entering the market!