More often than not, engineers make and build things, design and develop things, and fix and mend things. Also, more often than not, the work of engineers and engineering teams is measured by three parameters; cost, quality, and time. At Equitus, we look at engineering slightly differently. We believe that engineering has the potential to enable innovation and innovators, and empowers them with the knowledge essential to tell truth like it is.

This belief of ours is reflected in the way our engineering teams go about their task. Our engineering, and by extension, our organisation is driven by a purpose that’s beyond the trinity of cost, quality, and time; a purpose to create a better engineered world!

Evidence of this is visible day in and day out in the way we conduct ourselves, the way we engage with our colleagues, suppliers, clients, and the community around us.

Being purpose driven means we are mindful of what we do and how we do it, which results in delivery of excellence, every single time. We also believe that there is no best way to do something, and that there is always a better way. This keeps us grounded, and ensures we’re continuously improving ourselves.