A few challenges that a lot of companies face, knowingly or unknowingly are:

  1. Working in Silos: Working in closed silos, not sharing practises, being very protective of their territory
  2. Lack of Visibility: As an extention of this this silo culture, a lot of firms, teams and individuals have a lack of visibility of what’s going on
  3. Bleeding Cash: A lot of reasons result in companies bleeding cash unnecessarily, a lot of which can be controlled and eliminated
  4. Going Over Time: Not being able to deliver on time, and going over the deadlines is another problem companies face
  5. Customers’ Changing Demands: With every passing day, as technology progresses, the customers’ demands are increasing
  6. The Unknown and Unprecedented: Lastly, this is a challenge everyone is going through. The unknown, the uncertain and the unprecedented


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