Successful Exhibition, Made Smarter, and Industry 4.0 at the Smart Factories Expo

19 November 2018

Towards the beginning of October we mentioned our presence at the Smart Factories Expo, part of the Digital Manufacturing Week. We are pleased with the outcome of the event and it was a tremendous experience.

We were able to showcase our specialist technical capabilities along with engineering led product development and engineering driven innovation.

We were also able to participate in the launch of the Made Smarter initiative.

Our underlying message about Industry 4.0 has been:

Industry 4.0 is not complicated, it’s not expensive and it’s not the exclusive domain of the big players. It’s simple, affordable and every manufacturer, regardless of size or turnover can do it.

Anyone interested in knowing more about how we can help them adapt to Industry 4.0, and drive innovation, please get in touch with us.

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