Electronics Up To 40% Of The Cost Of A New Car

7 May 2020

When Henry Ford launched the Model T over a hundred years ago, there were no electronics in his cars. All mechanical, one model, in one colour – black. That was it. However in comparison,  around 40% of the cost of making today’s cars is devoted to electronics! This article in Car and Driver breaks this down in to a lot more detail.

The following text in red is taken directly from this article:

While individual chips may be cheap these days, the computer’s significance is evident in just how many there are in a single car. Electronics are responsible for 40 percent of a new car’s total cost.

Over the last few decades, the various engineering disciplines have definitely converged to a great degree, which is largely driven by industry. Mechatronics kicked it off, and today we have Industry 4.0, which applies principles of digital technologies to the manufacturing sector.

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