Autodesk Inventor 2020 – Inventor Nastran

2 April 2020

As you saw from our yesterday’s news post and from other sources that Autodesk released Inventor 2021 on 31st March. One thing that we’ve been looking at is the Finite Element Modelling Capability with Inventor Nastran.

In one of the later releases of Inventor 2020, two new analysis capabilities were added to Inventor Nastran in ‘test-only’ mode. Now looks like they are fully functional. They are Explicit Dynamics and Explicit Quasi-Static. Without boring you with too many details here’s what it means.

Explicit Dynamics: To put it simply, explicit dynamics is used to simulate events where a large amount of energy is released within a very short duration (typically fractions of seconds) such as blasts, car crashes, projectiles piercing objects etc.

Explicit Quasi-Static: Quasi-static simulations deal with situations where we have complex contact conditions, very large deformations where the mesh can get highly deflected. Processes like bulk forming operations such as extrusions, drawing rolling, and sheet metal forming typically fall in this category.

At Equitus we intend to run a few examples of these new features and put it out in the form of a blog, very soon.

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