Product Development: The Equitus Way

24 February 2020
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  • As your end to end product lifecycle partner, we share the risk & complex challenges in product development, by collaborating more closely, offering fixed price services, and delivering right first time.

    We bring the following value additions to the conventional product development process:

    Cultural Characteristics: Our multi-cultural and diverse team knows what’s appropriate in various cultures and how to apply this knowledge with consideration and compassion for cultural sensitivities.

    Mass Customisation: Our multi-disciplinary team provides designs with the ability to combine flexibility and personalisation of custom products with the cost benefits of mass production.

    Concurrent Engineering: Our concurrent engineering process reduces product development time, time to market, improves productivity, quality and helps control costs.

    Collaborative Approach: An inherent property of how we do things, our collaborative approach breaks down siloed working with transparency and unity of approach with one version of the truth and a common purpose.

    Manufacturability: By considering variables such as ‘how to manufacture’ ‘to make or to source’ we ensure that the best resources are deployed at every stage of the product development from concept to commercialisation.

    Emotional Appeal: Our human behaviour experts bring the softer, intangible benefits of generating positive human emotions and helping make our products as inclusive as possible. Sustainability: Bringing sustainability into the design process in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, enabling and empowering people to actively participate in the process.

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